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  Vladimir Bologov on Tour in Germany in November 2009

Vladimir Bologov on Tour in
Germany in November 2009
Invited by the Schutzgemeinschaft Deutscher Wald e.V. (Association for the Protection of the German Forest) and the initiatives of Mr. Helm-Eckart Hink and Astrid and Rüdiger Szelest, Vladimir Bologov visited Germany from November 13th to November 23rd togehther with Daniel from England, who supervised the eco-volunteers in Russia voluntarily in 2009. With Dr. Rolf Jaeger of the Society for the Protection of Wolves, plans for the extension of the Wolf Information- and Ecological Education Centre in the south western taiga were made.

Daniel from England, Vladimir Bologov and Dr. Rolf Jaeger
The Society for the Protection of Wolves supported Bologov’s work during the past years and it will continue to support the Russian wolf researcher, especially in terms of ecological education and the education about wolves.
Vladimir Bologov and Astrid Szelest informed about 1100 interested people (600 of which were students) about wolves. 

In a primary school
They visited schools in Welzheim, Backnang and Schorndorf and they told people about the researcher’s work and their experiences during information evenings in Waiblingen, Bad Liebenwerda and Freiburg.

                                                                Family day in the Hagmühle mill

Two weekends were dedicated to families in the Hagmühle mill in Alfdorf. Armin Rauser told impressive wolf tales, and Vladimir Bologov told about his first encounter with a wolf in the wilderness. There were movie presentations about Bologov as well. Bavarian TV produced a portait of the man who lives among the wolves for their series „World of Animals“. Angela Schmid, who shot the documentary „He who understands the Wolf“, was a guest in the Hagmühle mill, too. Bologov and Schmid were happy to answer the questions of young and adult visitors.
Together with the Forestal Examination Institute (FVA) in Freiburg Bologov went on an Excursion in the Black Forest. A TV Team of the German broadcaster SWR accompanied Dr. Rudi Suchand with his colleagues of the FVA, the cooperation partners and their Russian guest.

With a TV Team in the Black Forest

The state of Baden Wuerttemberg is currently working on a management plan to prepare for the return of the wolves. In Berlin, Bologov participated in an information talk in the NABU headquarters with wolf experts Markus Bathen, Markus Wessel and Ralf Schulte.
                                                        Information talk in the NABU headquarters

He went to look for wolf tracks in the Lieberoser Heide area with Steffen Butzeck, director of the Brandenburg Wolf Project.
                                                              Wolf tracking with Steffen Butzeck

Finally, there was a meeting and a party with Bologov’s friends, supporters and eco-volunteers. Gisela Müller, who has been helping him by collecting donations for many years, visited Southern Germany as well as Joseph Becker from France, father of Laetitia Becker, and head of the Lupus Laetus organization.
Vladimir Bologov was enthusiastic about the warm welcome in Germany and about how interested people were in wolves. Especially the work with children and young people is important to him. He already signalized to return to Germany next year, with an emphasis on information in schools.