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  Eco Volunteer Program

Eco Volunteer Program


General profile: Man/woman, 18-66 years old (The upper age limit is flexible if you feel you are fit enough for manual work and lots of walking on rough ground), English speaking, good physical condition, motivated, hard-working, self-sufficient, able to live in group (tolerance to others, ability to communicate, good mood). Children of 6-16 years old are accepted with adult.
General remarks: The bio-station is situated in the middle of Russian countryside, 50km from the closest town. There is no supermarket right on the corner! Living conditions are minimum, and the comfort is basic. The water comes from natural unpolluted springs (well, stream, river, lake) and is often drunk boiled as tea. Considering these conditions, sensitive persons, allergic (to dog/cat) or with too specific diet are not advised to come.
 Wolves: Be aware that our wolves are wild and should stay wild for rehabilitation. There will be NO close contact with wolves. The visit of an enclosure is only made with authorization of Vladimir Bologov or Laetitia Becker and in their company. The volunteers will stay far from the fence and observe the wolves at distance. These rules are for your security and for the comfort of wolves!


- To have an idea on the climate, look at the website weather for Velikie Luki, close town.
- Summer (June to August) is the high period for mosquitoes. There are billions of them! We advise you to take cream for protection and treatment with you. We also advise you to wear long-sleeved shirts and pants. Special hat with mosquito net included is a good investment too! - No obligatory vaccination is needed.
- Free time may be long; don't forget books, card games, music driver...


Local house: You will live in a local house, at Vladimir Bologov's or independently, depending on your wish and your work. At Vladimir's the rooms are for 1 or 2 persons. Toilet and bathroom are common. You will take part in the domestic daily tasks (cooking, washing-up, cleaning...).
Tent: Individual tent and air mat are provided. You will cook yourself, at fireplace. Toilets are outside. You will have wash in river/lake.

Registration is made from Saturday to Saturday. Depending on the program, you can come for 1 to 8 weeks, at defined periods (see summary table).
If you come by train (see trip), you will be expected to stay from Sunday morning to Saturday evening. If you come by car, you will be expected from to stay from Saturday evening to Saturday morning.

Please respect these rules for better management of the volunteers program.

Wolf tracking: 
Aim: Volunteers will walk on a daily ring (about 10-15km) and register tracks (wolf, lynx, fox, moose, wild boar, marten, hare, and squirrel) with GPS navigator. When wolf tracks are found, volunteers will follow them with GPS navigator and compass, and collect information (excrements and prey remains).
Skill: Be resistant to cold, feel comfortable alone in the forest.
Equipment: snowshoes, warm waterproof boots and clothes, 15cm ruler, notebook and pencil.

Howling survey: 
Aim: Volunteers will camp on the territory of a wolf pack. Night is devoted to listening and localizing wolves' howling. During the day, work consists in pointing out wolf tracks with GPS recorders. A ranger will guide you in the forest and teach you how to "read" it. The data collected allow us to draw a map of wild wolf populations in the district (den location, pack number, reproductive rate, movements, proximity to villages, potential attacks on livestock).
Skill: Be resourceful in camping situation. This is a good field practice for students.
Equipment: sleeping bag, rubber boots, waterproof coat and trousers , hat or cap, thermos or bottle, cooking set, torchlight, lotion against mosquitoes, mosquito-net-hat, and lighter.

Inscription and price:

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